Welcome - Pryvit!

The purpose of this web-site is to see if the Internet can provide the means of collecting and displaying local knowledge of people and places and to develop an authoritative guide to the various Ukrainian historic sites in Alberta.

To date, I have identified about 225 active churches in Alberta. However, there are many churches that are inactive but still standing that need to be identified. In addition, there is also a need to identify the locations of all the churches that have been either destroyed or torn down.

With churches, there are also cemeteries. I have been able to identify quite a few. However, I believe there are at least several more cemeteries I have not located (or do not know about) yet.

I have created this site in the hope that it will stimulate readers to share what they know about the various Ukrainian historical sites and persons in the province. I hope this web-site will make it easy for you to bring your knowledge to our attention.

I have spent countless hours trying to find any information about the various historical sites in the province. Much of the information I have found is very vague or non-existant. With this web-site, I hope there will be enough interested people to corroborate, refine or provide better information about Alberta's history.